Speaking Engagements

Extensive experience in delivering actionable insight to your team or clients through presentations.

Moody's Analytics has extensive experience in making clear, economically relevant presentations for clients worldwide. We cover a variety of topics across a broad range of industries. Our speakers are M.A. and Ph.D. economists with an average tenure of six years, and are highly experienced in economic consulting and forecasting. 

Presentations on the economy’s fundamentals, the outlook and the near-and long-term risks.

Presentations on the impact of financial market conditions, including equity prices, currencies and volatility.

Presentations on the economic effects of global trade policy, including contribution to growth of individual countries/jurisdictions and global regions.

Presentations on the effects of the economy on consumer loan behavior and performance.

Presentations on consumer behavior and spending patterns, including confidence, incomes, household wealth and credit.

Presentations into the sources of inflation, including forecasts and analysis of producer, consumer and import prices.

Presentations on the effects of population characteristics, such as age composition, migration and household formation.

Presentations on the effect of energy and commodities on the U.S. and global economy.

Presentations on the prospects and the effect of fiscal policy across all levels of government.

Presentations on the effect of monetary policy on the economy and financial markets.

Presentations on the effect of U.S. healthcare policy on macro and regional economic conditions.

Presentations on labor market conditions in the U.S. and elsewhere globally.

Presentations on the performance of commercial/residential real estate and mortgage markets.

Presentations on developments and changes in regional economic performance.