CECL Solutions

Trusted à la carte data, forecasts, scenarios, models and analytical tools for institutions of all sizes.

One size doesn't fit all with CECL implementation. We can help. Moody’s Analytics provides à la carte services, including off-the-shelf and custom solutions to serve the needs of institutions of all sizes. This includes data, forecasts, scenarios, models and analytical tools to produce expected credit losses under FASB’s “reasonable and supportable” guidelines. Whether you need data to improve your models or tools to generate expected credit losses, we have trusted solutions to help solve your unique needs.

In addition to our trusted data, forecasts and scenarios, we provide solutions that produce expected losses for consumer credit portfolios. For commercial portfolios, visit our corporate site.

Detailed history and forecasts for a wide range of U.S. household credit and economic variables.

Obtain expected muni credit losses (ECL) under economic scenarios.

Obtain expected credit losses (ECL) under the CECL standard for economic scenarios.

Custom consumer lending models for generating forecasts of lifetime losses under scenarios.

Reasonable and supportable forecast scenarios for CECL compliance requirements.