U.S. Regional Workstation

Flexible platform for custom and comprehensive analysis of U.S. state and metro economies.

Anchored on our extensive regional economic data and widely used Précis® state and metro reports, the Regional Workstation is a comprehensive and flexible solution for monitoring economic conditions for all U.S. states and metropolitan areas. The solution integrates regular in-depth analyses of regional economic conditions with real-time data updates and monthly forecasts. You can create custom dashboards and downloadable reports.


  • Compare how markets are performing economically.
  • Evaluate areas with growth potential and strong economic performance.
  • Manage exposure to potential risks in areas with flagging labor and housing markets.
  • Plan expansion and resource allocation to prepare for regional economic fluctuations.
  • Analyze trends in housing, employment and migration to develop effective marketing to key demographics.

Key Features

  • Coverage of all U.S. states and metro areas.
  • Real-time data updates.
  • Monthly updated forecasts and scenarios.
  • Customizable dashboard and geography views.
  • Standardized macro, state and metro forecast tables.
  • Tools for ranking and sorting geographies.
  • Data Buffet integration.
  • Access to economists and data specialists.
  • Complete product support by Moody's Analytics Client Services.