Regional Financial Review®

Comprehensive analysis of U.S. macro and regional conditions and international trends.

The Regional Financial Review® provides comprehensive analysis on U.S. macro and regional conditions and international trends. Each issue includes topics highly relevant to business planning and risk management, including the outlook and forecast assumptions for the U.S. and global economies. Detailed forecast tables are included in each month's publication.


The Regional Financial Review® publication has a broad appeal among those engaged in commercial real estate, utilities, local governments, consumer lending, retail and other fields.

  • Identify investment opportunities and risks by evaluating areas with growth potential and strong economic performance.
  • Manage exposure to potential risk in areas with flagging labor and housing markets.
  • Plan expansion and resource allocation to prepare for regional economic fluctuations.
  • Analyze trends in housing, employment and migration to develop effective marketing to key demographic groups.

Key Features

The Regional Financial Review® publication offers analysis and extensive statistics on state and metropolitan area trends. 

  • Major economic developments and changes in forecasts for states and metropolitan areas are discussed extensively.
  • Included are full Moody's Analytics macro and financial forecasts and key data series for all states and the top 50 metropolitan areas. Forecast assumptions and risks are noted in detail each month.
  • More than 60 exportable tables offer historical statistics for states and metro areas on:
    • Employment and income
    • Industry
    • Demographics
    • Housing
    • Consumer spending and confidence
    • Nonresidential construction
    • Credit quality
  • Expert analysis on such timely topics include:
    • Cost of doing business
    • Cost of living
    • Consumer defaults
    • The mortgage credit outlook
    • Examination of risk-adjusted returns by industry
    • Global economic outlook

Our economists are available to discuss with subscribers U.S. and global trends, risks for specific industries or regions, or any economic issue.


Published monthly. Statistical tables are automatically updated on our web site as soon as the data are received.