Data Buffet®

A powerful way to view, analyze and deliver economic and financial data.

The Data Buffet® platform enables clients to view, manipulate and automate delivery of data in a variety of formats. The platform is provided to clients with an economic data subscription from Moody's Analytics.

Data Buffet® provides an easy-to-use web-based interface to assemble data and information in seconds. Users can find and filter datasets by geography, release and source. Data can then be assembled into "baskets" that can be scheduled for delivery by email, ftp, Amazon S3, or ingested directly via API or Microsoft Office applications through our Power Tools Add-In. All data and releases are fully documented and easily accessible from within the platform. Direct access to data and customer service via email, phone, and live chat. Key features:


Create baskets of data from your searches that can be saved and delivered automatically by time (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) or when data are updated. You can also:

  • Transformed concepts in baskets, as example simple difference, annualized growth, % change.
  • Manipulate frequencies.
  • Run series across multiple geographies (all states) using wild cards.
  • Download data in 14 different file formats or ingest via API.
  • Convert a basket into a chart.


Moody's Analytics Data Buffet application program interface enables you to retrieve our economic, demographic and financial time series directly into your workflow application or model programmatically. You can use C#, Java, Python and R to write your queries, independent of your platform or operating system. Code samples are provided on GitHub to write queries that retrieve individual series or baskets of data.


The Data Buffet® platform lets you chart economic data series. Each chart can be highly formatted and saved and/or downloaded (offers the same robust formatting options found in Excel).

  • Select a baseline and up to six forecast scenarios.
  • Select from 11 popular chart types, including line, bar and pie.
  • Include recession bars, custom stripes, legends and annotations.
  • Choose output dimensions and file formats: bmp, gif, jpg, wmf.
  • Insert as scalable, refreshable graphic in Microsoft Office.
  • Create templates and automate delivery.


Create thematic maps of economic and financial data for geographies including European countries/jurisdictions and subdivisions, U.S. states, metropolitan areas, counties, ZIP codes, and other geographic areas around the globe.

  • Available maps: states and metro areas in the U.S., counties in each state, countries/jurisdictions in worldwide and regional groups, and selected non-U.S. subnational areas.
  • Change the frequency and transformation.
  • Choose a number of intervals—equal value or equal number of observations.
  • Adjust the appearance, add titles and a legend.
  • Choose output dimensions and file formats.
  • Insert as scalable graphic in your Microsoft Office document.
  • View underlying data values in Excel and automate delivery.

Microsoft® Office Add-In

Moody's Analytics Power Tools is an Add-in for Microsoft Office, that enables you to use data and graphics from Data Buffet directly within Excel, Power Point and Word documents. The Add-In retains a link to your Data Buffet subscription, so that data and graphics can be updated with one click or automatically based on different criteria.

  • Retrieve data from within Excel and refresh with a single click.
  • Log in to your account and choose from saved maps and charts.
  • Insert a scalable graphic into your Microsoft Office document.
  • Retain a link to the Data Buffet® solution, and any change to the data or formatting can be refreshed to the graphic.
  • Transfer graphics between Office applications while retaining the link.
  • Operate by using menu bar or pop-up menu.


Moody's Analytics Data Services team frequently posts helpful articles on the Data Buffet® solution's blog. Posts include explanatory articles on data changes, source delays, FAQs and new data, as well as tips on using

Prompt Expert Assistance and Live Help

Whether you have a question about a dataset, the software or your account, our specialists stand ready to assist during business hours via email, instant message or telephone.